To be the best, you have to work with the best, both inside your team and outside of it. The best criminal defence lawyers know that we are often facilitators and investigators, as well as advocates.

Our history has established strong relationships with experts in a variety of legal, medical, technological, and forensic fields. As technology advances, so does criminal investigation. Other lawyers ignore this at their peril!

We only use the best barristers, in Melbourne and Sydney, both in terms of their experience and their talent. Barristers prefer being briefed by Galbally Rolfe because we are thorough, invested and knowledgeable. Our strong relationships ultimately benefit you and add to the strength of representation that we can provide to you.

Advances in DNA science, medical investigation, crash scene analysis, and data analysis ensures that we continue to advance our service by accessing outstanding experts in their respective fields. Our understanding of people informs us that sometimes we need to look deeper to understand who you are, what you are going through and how we can help.

Our third party providers of technological, medical, psychological and forensic services excel in their fields and complete our service to you. What is complicated can be made simple if you use the right expert, who speaks your language and is invested in providing that service to you. Often their input and advice steers a case toward the right result and many of our clients have walked away happy with successful outcomes because of our comprehensive approach to their matters.

Our partnerships include:


We are proud of these partnerships and we invite you to explore their services for yourselves. Our relationships with these providers ensure that we obtain the most competitively priced yet thorough service.