We are different

Galbally Rolfe was the first firm in Victoria to practice solely in criminal defence and remains one of the most highly regarded criminal defence firms in Australia. Over our near 35 year history, we have appeared in some of the most complex and high profile matters in Australian legal history. Today our practice includes representation and advice in the areas of criminal prosecutions, corporate law in a criminal context and professional disciplinary hearings in all jurisdictions.


Areas of Practice

At Galbally Rolfe Criminal Lawyers we offer a wide range of services across the criminal, federal and disciplinary jurisdictions. Our experienced criminal lawyers regularly appear and instruct in the Magistrates’, County and Supreme Courts in a variety of matters.  When representing a client, we endeavour to educate them about the law that applies to them, whilst providing them with the guidance, support and representation that they need.

Experienced. Competitive. Passionate. Progressive.

Our experienced and dedicated team of criminal defence lawyers appear in all criminal jurisdictions in Australia, regularly conducting serious and complex criminal matters as well as summary and traffic matters. We have acted in some of the most prominent criminal matters in legal history and have assisted and defended countless individuals charged with criminal offences.

Our clients need a personal, thorough service, which preserves their rights and provides the protection that only an experienced and passionate criminal defence lawyer can provide. Every person is entitled to legal representation and a vigorous defence of their rights. We provide that service at competitive rates, utilising the best technologies and with attention to detail. We value and support our team so that you will always be represented by the very best.

We invite all prospective clients to contact our office to arrange a fixed fee and obligation free appointment with an experienced criminal lawyer to discuss their pending matters.


Since 1976, Galbally Rolfe has operated as one of the best and most highly respected criminal law firms in Victoria.

Founded by Robert (‘Bob’) Galbally and Brian Rolfe, it was the first exclusively private criminal law firm in Melbourne and we are proud of our rich history defending our clients in all matters, from summary matters in the Magistrates’ Court to complex Supreme Court Trials and Appeals in the Court of Appeal. Our team has acted in some of the most prominent criminal trials in Victorian legal history.

As part of our legacy, we have employed some of the most talented criminal lawyers and have invested in our staff. We are proud to see that former members of our team are now senior lawyers, Magistrates and Judges.


Over the last 20 years, our reputation has preceded us and we have been called upon to appear and instruct in matters across all states of Australia.

In the last 10 years, we have been competitive in the Sydney market, primarily representing individuals charged with very serious charges and getting fantastic and well deserved results. We have a close association with the best barristers and experts in New South Wales. We utilise technology to maintain contact with our Sydney clients whilst minimising cost. Our mission is to secure our place in the Sydney market by opening a Sydney office and bringing our competitive, passionate and thorough service to you.

So watch this space!